Mechanical Seals Services

Gulf Energy International’s (GEI) precision mechanical seal repair facilities is capable of repairing seals and re-furbishing seal parts to end users and other customers alike. We are capable of refurbishing and repairing seals of virtually any type, from any manufacturer. We at GEI can offer its mechanical seal services at a substantially lower cost relative to purchasing new seals from the OEM. Repairs can be made to both glands and sleeves. Fast deliveries, 24 hour/day service and modification recommendations made by "in-house" experts make GEI an excellent choice for all your mechanical seal needs. GEI’s equipment includes one course lapping machine, one finish lapping machine and a Monochromatic Light to verify the accuracy of our work.

Engineering Services

  • GEI can provide with a replacement seal design of any make of OEM at a fraction of the cost, and with the properly selected materials to give you the best possible seal life.
  • GEI can make suggestions on how to modify the seal design to make it easier to install, clean, repair, or even make it less expensive.
  • With all of our mechanical seal engineering experience in design, applications, troubleshooting, failure analysis, and installation, we are ready and willing to help you through any of your sealing needs.
  • GEI can assist you with new seal design and material selection.
  • GEI can work with you to help you solve that tough application where seal failure is a common occurrence.

We are available for any sealing questions you may have. Should you require on site support please let us know. We are available to come to you based on your requirement.

Seal Repair Process

  • Seal Inspection - Visual inspection of externals and internals of the mechanical seal, faces, springs, Elastomers, set screws and other components
  • Water Blaster - Heated high pressure water jet used to remove all non-seal material from surfaces
  • Glass Bead Blaster - Removes harder seal contaminants and leaves the original metal surface shiny, smooth and clean
  • Faces Lapping Procedure - Hard and soft faces ground-- Lap 1: coarse, Lap 2: fine. Faces re-lapped and brought back to true smoothness (often exceeding industry standards).
  • Repair Parts Ordered - when approved and if needed.
  • Final Assembly and testing.
  • Deliveries - Shipped back to customer, or ready for customer pickup.